2022 Projects

These are the projects planned for 2022. Please consider donating generously


To improve the curb appeal for our temple, BOT along with EC approved this project. This project is going to completed by April 2022

$25000 raised of $25000


Dwajasthambam is required for the temples which conduct Utsavas (festivals). The flagpole is erected in front of the main sanctum (Rama) either inside or outside the temple.

$0 raised of $14200

Gopitdm for Ganesh Sannati

We should replace current structure around Ganesha with fiberglass dome and pillars.

$0 raised of $16000

Havan exhaust

Drop a chimney from the ceiling and exhaust it to the south side of the building.

$0 raised of $15000

Outside Havan Kund

This is necessary to enhance the pooja processes of the temple. A 30-inch square pit in the middle of a 25 feet square concrete platform.

$0 raised of $15000