Under the august guidance of our priests, over the last few weeks countless Volunteers, Community Leaders, and Temple Management bodies consisting of Board of Trustees and Executive Council worked together for this successful Navagraha Pratisthapana.

Coinciding with the Navagraha Sthapana, we also celebrated our Pujariji's 25th Service Anniversary with our Temple and conducted the powerful Sri Sudarsana & Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Maha Yagnam with Sundarsana Mandala to remove any negative forces in devotees' life.

This success would just have not been possible without the support of generous Donors, the countless Volunteers, and Leads who helped all through the preparations and the event itself. To name a few, Chenda Drums Team, Yagshala Team, Maha Prasad Cooking Leads and Cooking Team(s), Peedam Moving Team, Prayer Hall Leads, Registration Desk & Havan Coordination Team, Havan Prasad Cooking Team, Tambulam packing Team, Priests Food Team, Bhajans Team, Wood-work team(s), Kalasha Sthala Team, Photo/Video and Live-steaming Team, Post-event Clean-up Team..... The list goes on and on... A special thanks to all our Youth volunteers, who actively participated and helped all through the event.
We truly appreciate our Suppliers and Contractors both in India and here in Rochester for their timely support to the project.