Suggested Minimum Donation for Puja and Preist Services for Member Services and Non-Member services.

Suggested Samagri List for various Pujas Services

Suggested Minimum Donation for Puja and Priest Services

Puja Description Member Non-Member
Temple PujaPrivate Puja Temple PujaPrivate Puja
Aksharabhyas (for starting formal education for a child)$31$75 $51$101
Annaprasanam (First solid food to a child)$31$75 $51$101
**Aradhana Puja N/A$75 N/A$101
Ayushya Havan$151$201 $175$201
Bhoomi Puja (Groundbreaking ceremony)N/A$151 N/A$201
Ganesh Puja or any other puja without Havan$51$101 $75$121
Ganesh Puja or any other puja with Havan$151$201 $175$225
Graduation Puja (Individual family)$31$75 $51$101
Grihapravesam Puja (Housewarming Ceremony)N/A$151 N/A$201
Kalyanotsav in Temple (Individual Family)$121N/A $151N/A
Mundan Puja $51$101 $75$121
Namakaran(Naming Ceremony)$51$101 $75$121
Navagraha Puja (without Havan)$51$101 $75$121
Navagraha Puja (with Havan)$151$201 $175$225
Pitru Tarpanam$31$51 $51$75
Punyaha Vachanam $31$51 $51$75
Priest Services for Wedding$501$601 $501$701
Priest services for Engagement $151$201 $175$201
Srardham Puja $51$101 $75$121
 60th, 70th or 80th Birthday Celebration$151$151 $151$201
**Sri Satyanaryana Puja (Individual Family)$121$151 $151$175
Sri Venkateswara Vrata puja$51N/A $75N/A
Sri Venkateswara Vajra Alankara Puja $151N/A $175N/A
**Sreemantham (Baby Shower Ceremony)$75$101 $101$121
Sudarshan Havan $151$151 $175$201
Upanayanam (Janyu/Thread Ceremony)$251$301 $301$351
**Utsav Murthy Abhishekam-Individual Family$75N/A $101N/A
Vahana Puja (Car/truck/Van) - Regular$31N/A $31N/A
Any other Puja which requires up to 2 hours of priest time $121$151 $151$201
Any other Puja which requires between 2 - 4 hours of priest time$251$301 $301$351
Abhishekam (Temple scheduled)
  • Sri Valli, Devasena Murugan
  • Durga Devi
  • Sri Venkateswara Swamy
$31 ($101 if downstairs hall reserved for serving food)N/A $31 ($101 if downstairs hall reserved for serving food)N/A
Sri Satyanarayana Puja (monthly Puja) -Temple Regular$31 ($101 if downstairs hall reserved for serving food)N/A $31 ($101 if downstairs hall reserved for serving food)N/A
Pradosham ***$31N/A $31N/A
Sunderkanda Chanting ***$31N/A $31N/A
Sankata hara Chaturthi ***$31N/A $31N/A
Utsav Murthy Abhishekam ***$31N/A $31N/A

All day Events for Festival days

  • Sri Rama Navami
  • Krishna Janmashtami
  • Siva Ratri
$151N/A $151N/A
Single day Temple Kainkaryam(sponsorship) on Festival days
  • Adi Pooram
  • Adi Krttikai
  • Sankranthi
  • Ugaadi
  • Onam
$75N/A $75N/A
Single day Temple (Personal celebration)
Kainkaryam(sponsorship) on regular day
$51N/A $51N/A
All Nine-day events -Lakshmi Sahasra Archana
  • Vasanta (Spring) Navratri
  • Sarad (Autumn) Navratri
$151N/A $151N/A
Archana for any deity (Temple Scheduled)$11N/A $11N/A
Sahasranama Archana (Temple Scheduled)$31N/A $31N/A
Temple Pujas: Temple scheduled pujas that are performed as per the published calendar
Devotees are encouraged to be hosts, some of them are supported by puja Coordinators
Private Pujas: All Pujas that are performed upon request of devotees, outside temple schedule, whether at temple or outside temple
** Outside regularly scheduled temple puja, performed upon request of devotee
*** Not published but word of the mouth from past EC members